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10 Day Yoga & Spiritual Healing Retreat! Explore Northern Morocco!

10 Day Yoga & Spiritual Healing Retreat! Explore Northern Morocco!

Wir bitten um rechtzeitige Anmeldung, da unsere Yoga Trips auf acht bis zehn Personen begrenzt sind.



( 3 hour drive)

Or pick up from the Airport in Casablanca! The night in Marrakech is extra! After breakfast we will leave Marrakech and take the highway to Casablanca, we should be there after 3 hours then go straight to meet our local guide who will take you to the main touristic features of both the modern town and the medina of course. The visit includes the Mohammed V Square designed by architect Joseph Marrast, the Royal Palace, the Central Market, the District of Habous, the Mahkama du Pacha constructed in 1941, a masterpiece building with big Moorish influence, the Aïn Diab Corniche, the Nation’s Square and the magnificent huge Hassan II Mosque which is the largest mosque in the country and the 7th largest in the world and its minaret is the world’s tallest at 210 meters. Have a tasty seafood lunch at the famous La Saqualla restaurant or try something different at the world famous Rick’s cafe to then transfer to your hotel in Casablanca. dinner and accommodation in a hotel at Casablanca's downtown.


( 1h30 hour drive)

After breakfast, we will drive to Rabat and then to Salé which is right across the river from Rabat. go out and visit the medina of Sale with a local university teacher and enter sites not accessible to the general public: the dungeons, the towers, etc. while also learning about the typical elements of a Moroccan medina from someone that is conducting its restoration. In the afternoon you will have time to visit the Hassan Tower, Mohamed the 5th Mosauleum and the beautiful Oudayas Gardens. Dinner and Accommodation in a riad inside the Medina.



DAY 3 : RABAT - KENITRA - CHEFCHAOUEN ( 4 hour drive)

Leave Rabat after breakfast and stop at the famous blue lagoon of Moulay Bouselham, we can plan for a boat ride to see the pink flamingos and other types of birds. The lagoon will also be a great place for a fresh fish lunch then we continue to arrive in Chefchaouen early afternoon. Drop the luggage at the riad and go out to explore the fairy tale - like village and its turquoise blue alleys. Dinner and accommodation in a riad inside the Medina


In the morning, get lost in the streets of the village. After lunch, have your driver drive you to the base of the local stream and walk up to the series of waterfalls or even further to the Bridge of God. Alternatively, spend some time by one of the Mediterranean beaches. Dinner and accommodation as previously.


After breakfast, leave Chefchaouen behind and stop on the way to Fes to visit the Roman ruins at Volubilis and the historical sites of Meknes, one of the 4 imperial cities. The Agdal basin, the monumental gates, the ancient prison and royal stables are all worth a detour. Reach Fes in the late afternoon . Accommodation and dinner in a riad inside the Medina of Fes 



DAY 6 : FES.

One day is hardly enough for all the wonders of the largest still standing enclosed city in the world and world- famous for its leather and metalwork to not mention the medersas or the leather tanneries, the 9500 derbs (narrow alleys), one of the oldest universities in the world and all the sounds, smells and sights that assault the senses. Fes conjures the image of the quintessential fabled Arab city as Baghdad at the time of the 1001 nights… Visit the city with a local English speaking guide. He will collect you at your hotel at 9 AM. accommodation as per the previous day, dinner on your own, and We will be there to recommend good places .

DAY 7 : FES - EL JADIDA - EL OUALIDIA ( 5 hour drive).

Leave FES after breakfast, stop in El Jadida known as the old Mazagan, Visit the old cistern and Portuguese quarter then carry on to El Oualida to get there early in the afternoon. Spend most of the afternoon exploring the white washed city and take a leisurely walk by the lagoon to watch a stunning sunset. Dinner and accommodation in a hotel with seaview.




Continue exploring the town of Oualidia, or visit a local village market. You can also ask your driver to take you to one of the secret beaches outside El Oualidia for a picnic and a Yoga Session. Accommodation as previously. Dinner on your own.

DAY 9 : EL OUALIDIA - MARRAKECH (3 hours drive)

Leave El Oualidia in the morning and drive to Marrakech, you will be there at noon the latest. Check in your riad and rest then go out to continue your shopping adventure. accommodation in a riad inside the medina. Dinner on your own.


Please make sure that you have a flight back after lunchtime, or we can offer you to book a extra night in Marrakech Your driver will be there to take you to the airport two hours before your flight. end of the tour.



10% kommen Kindern in Afrika, Indien und Südamerika zugute!

Bei schriftlicher Zusage:

Wir bitten um eine Yogagebühr in Höhe von EURO: 590,00 pro Person, der Restbetrag erfolgt bei Antritt der Reise in Marrakesch, oder via Bank Tranfer direkt an Morocco Shiny Days.


Die Yogagebühr in Höhe von EURO: 590,00 pro Person wird bei Stonierung einbehalte. Den Restbetrag bitte ein Monat vor Anreise anweisen. Bitte unbedingt eine Reise-Rücktritt/Reise-Abbruch/Reise-Krankenversicherung abschließen.

Bitte unbedingt eine Reise-Rücktritt/Reise-Abbruch/Reise-Krankenversicherung abschließen.


  • 24h Reiseunterstützung, englischsprachiger Chauffeur und moderner mit Klimaanlage ausgestatteter 4×4 Toyota
  • Organisation und Reiseleiter
  • 7 Nächte
  • Yin Soft Yoga Flow, Vinyasa, Pranayama und Meditation
  • Fischen
  • Cooking experience 
  • Halbpension
  • Flughafen Tranfer vom und zum Flughagen, Erfrischungsgetränke im Fahrzeug entlang der gesamten Route. Transportversicherung, Benzin- und Autobahngebühren, Mehrwertsteuer und Kurtaxe

Nicht enthalten:

  • Flüge (gerne unterstützen wir Dich bei der Suche nach einem passenden Flug)
  • Booking Fee 
  • Getränke 
  • Trinkgelder

Unsere Preise beinhalten alles ohne versteckte Gebühren. Wir ziehen es vor, alle Eintrittsgelder für Sehenswürdigkeiten und Denkmäler einzubeziehen, damit du nicht verhandeln oder sicherstellen musst, dass du denselben Preis wie ein Einheimischer bezahlst. Wir bieten auch jederzeit erfrischende Getränke im Fahrzeug an, damit du dir weniger Sorgen machen musst. Wir bevorzugen es das Mittagessen nicht mit einzuplanen - einige Leute mögen ein konstantes Mittagessen und andere nur einen Snack.

Termin Eigenschaften

Datum, Uhrzeit 11.10.2024
Termin-Ende 20.10.2024
Einzelpreis Einzelzimmer: € 2590,-
Doppelzimmer € 2220,--
Dreibettzimmer € 1790,00-
pro Person